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West Long Plant

This facility took the better part of one year to effectively plan, design, engineer, and construct.  Careful thought was placed into every detail of the building.  The civil construction project was monumental....more than 550,000 cubic yards of material were moved to get the site to desired grade.  The subgrade beneath the slab was excavated out almost 10' below the earth's surface and replaced with moisture conditioned soil.  


The concrete construction began with drilled piers and was followed by large pier caps to support the weight of the metal building columns and the load of the multiple overhead cranes.  The slab and grade beams were poured monolithically in one continuous pour to avoid cold joints and create a very strong and stable foundation.  The pour was over 1,500 cubic yards of 3,500psi concrete and it was done in one day with a 20 man crew.  A laser screed automatically placed and finished the slab creating a laser level shop floor.  


The pre-engineered metal building was fabricated and installed while we worked on fabricating and assemblying the double girder overhead crane systems.  There is 4" of vinyl reinforced insulation in the roof and walls of the building and the walls are covered with a 10' liner panel to protect against fire hazards.  The facility has over 4,500 amps of electrical service powering welding machines, plasma cutters, welding positioners, manipulators, mills, lathes, iron workers, band saws, and air compressors.